A hiker called for help Saturday late evening (2022.08.13.) - Article800 BSM 003

A hikker appelead for help from Csovanyos area in the late evening hours of Saturday. He asked for help on the phone number of the Ipoly-völgyi Special Rescue association. The hiker said that it got dark in the forest and some wild animal scared him, diverted him from his original route and therefore headed back towards Csóványos peak. Members of Borzsonyi Mountain Rescue was deployed to the scene and in meantime the hiker has been asked to wait the rescue team at Csóványos peak. Two members of the service accompanied the hiker on foot from Csóványos peak to Nagy-Hideg-hegy peak, and from there with an off-road vehicle they transported him to his waiting vehicle at the residential area.

A hiker called for help Saturday late evening (2022.08.13.) - locus600 hiking2

For this intervention we used Locus MAP

Borzsony Mountain Rescue are using Locus MAP