Bicycle accident on Nagy-Hideg Hill (2023.07.01.) - 20230701 illusztracio nhh

A Slovak cyclist fell off his bicycle and suffered injuries to his nose and face near Nagy-Hideg Hill. The middle-aged man was on a bike tour with a larger group of friends in the Börzsöny Mountains when the unfortunate accident occurred. He fell forward with his face hitting the ground.

The staff at Nagy-Hideg Tourist House notified the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service and requested assistance for the cyclist. Fortunately, the mountain rescue service's units on duty were conducting drills nearby, around the Magas-tax area, allowing them to quickly reach Nagy-Hideg Hill.

The injured man was examined and given initial treatment on Nagy-Hideg Hill. Then, he was transported by off-road vehicle to the Cseresznyefa Parking Lot, where the National Ambulance Service's emergency vehicle had arrived in the meantime. The paramedics further transported the injured cyclist to the Vác hospital for additional examination and treatment.

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