Head Injury on Nagy-Hideg peak (2024.02.24.) - 019 NHH Terrano Auto Epulet Turistahaz 800

On Saturday early afternoon, a hiker called the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service, stating that he was at the Nagy-Hideg Mountain tourist hut, and on his way there, he stumbled and hit his head, bleeding heavily and refusing to stop.

Twenty-five minutes later, the mountain rescuers were already on Nagy-Hideg Mountain. The middle-aged man explained that they were hiking with a larger group of friends and fell on the path leading to Nagy-Hideg Mountain, hitting his head on a sharper rock. Due to a lack of signal, he couldn't ask for help immediately, and at first, he didn't think his injuries were too severe. However, from Nagy-Hideg Mountain, he decided to dial the mountain rescue service's emergency number.

The mountain rescuers examined him and found a more severe injury on his head, where the skin split open about 2-3 cm and was bleeding heavily. Additionally, there was damage to his nasal bridge and hand. They provided first aid on the spot, but due to the nature of the injury and the man's previous medical history, they decided that hospital treatment was necessary, so they notified the National Ambulance Service.

The ambulance from the Szobi station met with the mountain rescuers at the Cseresznyefa parking lot, where they transported the injured man by off-road vehicle. He was taken to the hospital in Vác for further examination and treatment.