Fourth injury this year on Szent Mihaly mount (2024.06.24.) - 20240624 szentmihaly2

The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service received an alert early Monday afternoon before 2 PM via their SOS emergency hotline. The caller reported that they were hiking with a group of seven, and one of their hiking companions, a middle-aged woman, twisted her ankle while walking towards the Saint Michael saddle. They made a poor decision to continue hiking up Mount Saint Michael, then down to the yellow + trail and started towards the Kittenberg road intersection. However, the woman could no longer continue, and they called the mountain rescue service at that point.

The dispatcher of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service immediately alerted the on-duty mountain rescuers, as well as the Nagymaros Volunteer Firefighters and the National Ambulance Service. Three mountain rescuers and a mountain rescue trainee participating in the association's youth volunteer support program set off from Szokolya, while two members of the Nagymaros Volunteer Firefighters started from Nagymaros.

Fourth injury this year on Szent Mihaly mount (2024.06.24.) - st mihaly rescue 20240624 800 500

The rescue teams approached the scene from Köves-mező and were able to drive their off-road vehicles up to the Saint Michael saddle. From there, they had to walk an additional 600 meters to reach the injured person on the Blue Ω trail.
They found the injured woman in good condition considering the circumstances, immobilized her injured ankle on-site, and then transported her to the off-road vehicles via the Blue Ω trail.

The off-road vehicles easily transported the injured woman to Köves-mező, where she was handed over to the National Ambulance Service personnel who then transported her to the hospital in Vác for further treatment.

Fourth injury this year on Szent Mihaly mount (2024.06.24.) - 20240624 szentmihaly1

We would like to remind hikers that the area around Mount Saint Michael has been severely affected by recent stormy weather, making progress difficult due to numerous fallen trees on the hiking trails. During this rescue operation, the rescue teams also had to overcome many obstacles.

Fourth injury this year on Szent Mihaly mount (2024.06.24.) - 20240624 szentmihaly3

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