The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service's statistics for the first half of 2024 have been completed. From January to July this year, mountain rescuers carried out 20 interventions, which is almost half of the same period last year (2023 statistics). Last year, the mountain rescuers participated in 39 interventions in the first half of the year, and the difference is due to the mild winter: while the beautiful snowy landscape of the 2022/2023 winter attracted hikers for a long time, there was barely any snow in Börzsöny during the 2023/2024 winter. Instead, the cold, rainy, and muddy conditions discouraged hikers.

The most significant differences in the comparison of the two periods are seen in January. Last winter, we had to respond to several hypothermia cases (e.g., Severely Hypothermic Man Rescued Near NHH at Night) and many limb fractures due to icy trails (e.g., Two More Injuries in Börzsöny on Sunday). In January 2024, we were not alerted to any serious cases; only minor injuries and rescues were typical.

Fewer cases in Börzsöny in the first half of 2024 (2024.07.04.) - 2024 first half interventions

With fewer deployments, the number of treated individuals also decreased, from 29 in the first half of last year to 19 in the same period this year.

There was also a significant change in the nature of the injuries. While last year we had to deal with a much broader range of injuries, the proportion of ankle injuries increased this year.

New popular ankle injury locations have emerged in the Saint Michael Hill area and the Hermit Cave. Previously, there were one or two injuries in the area annually (at least those we were alerted to), but this year we have already had to bring down four ankle-injured people from the steep and slippery hillside. In March: (Rescue at the Hermit Cave, in May Serious Injury on Devil's Hill, in June Another Ankle Injury at the Hermit Cave and Fourth Injury This Year on Saint Michael Hill.

Excellent cooperation has developed with the Nagymaros Volunteer Firefighters and the Kismaros Volunteer Firefighters. We already worked together on several cases in 2023, but by 2024, the teams had completely synchronized and enjoy working together. This year, all stretcher and specialized rescues were carried out together, and thanks to IT developments, our alerts are now automated. Although the primary activities of both organizations are firefighting, they provide indispensable assistance in mountain rescue, and their collaboration significantly increases rescue capacity in Börzsöny.

Fewer cases in Börzsöny in the first half of 2024 (2024.07.04.) - Borzsony Special Rescue report 2024 I. half year

Most Börzsöny hikers continue to prefer the Mountain Rescue Service's direct SOS number for emergency calls, and we appreciate their trust in us. If they call us first, in simpler cases we escort the caller to a safe place or a populated area, and if necessary, we request the National Ambulance Service to the nearest parking lot or notify Disaster Management and the Police if needed.

However, if someone is in trouble and cannot determine their location or is in severe life-threatening danger, they should call the 112 emergency number and then notify us separately. Smartphones (with location services enabled) immediately display the caller's GPS coordinates to the 112 emergency center, and Disaster Management alerts the mountain rescue service. However, due to our local knowledge, it is critical for our duty officer to personally communicate with the person in trouble as soon as possible, obtaining information that significantly speeds up the rescue process.

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