Our partners

We are so glad for our partners and supporters

Partners (2022.06.10.) - magnetbank tamogatok

Thanks for the money!

Our association is sponsored by Magnet Bank trough the Supportive bank card program.

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogatok portum

Thanks for the support!

Portum Lines Cruising company supported finnancially our organisation and we are so glad for their help!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogatok CAT Phones

Thanks for the phones!

The Cat S75 rudged phones with two-ways satellite message system gives us trully reception - that's really mean a lot for us in the Borzsony mountains! Thanks a lot!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - locus600 hiking2

Thanks for the maps!

Locus MAP is the best outdoor navigation and we are glad for they support us with software

Partners (2022.06.10.) - dinpi tamogatok

Thanks for working together!

We are proud to be the friends of Duna-Ipoly valley National Park. We have a wonderfull cooperation.

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogatok novofer

Thanks for the radios!

Thanks for the sponsoration of Novofer Co our mountain rescuers are able to comunicate with industrial VHF radios even if is not mobile coverage. Thanks a lot for supporting us!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogato strauszgumi

Thanks for the off-road tires!

It is a great help to us that Strausz gumi has donated very high-quality off-road tires to us! We gratefully thank you for the donation!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogato virtuoz nyomda uj

Thanks for the prints!

We are so happy for Virtuoz Printing Co. is supporting our organisation by doing all the prints what we need, from the bussiness cards to posters! Thank you!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogatok outdoorsk 1

Thank's for the alpin gear!

Sport-outdoor.sk supported our organisation by giving special discounts to buy our alpinist gear. Thanks for your support!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - termeszetjarotamogatok

Thanks for the content!

The HUNGARIAN HIKERS ALLIANCE is supporting us with content. Thank you for your supporting!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - ipolymentok

Thanks mentoring us!

The Ipoly-valley Special Rescue association started us on our way and still mentoring us.

Partners (2022.06.10.) - NHHtamogatok

Thanks care us!

The Nagy-hideg hegy peak refugee and tourist lodging is one of our bases in Borzsony

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogato szokolya

Thanks for your support!

Our organisation is registered in Szokolya and local council is helping us in the much way that they can. Thank you Szokolya for your support!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogatok tengerszem

Thanks for the discounts!

We bought few of our alpin rescue gears from Tengerszem and with very special discounts they made the bill payable even for us. Thanks!

Partners (2022.06.10.) - tamogatok wpml

Thanks for your support!

We are grateful to the WPML team for their assistance and significant discounts, which allow us to make our articles available in multiple languages on our website.