The members of the Börzsöny Special Rescue and Volunteer Firefighting Association were recruited by the Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association in the summer of 2021. The goal was to create a specialized service that primarily performs special rescue tasks in the area of the Börzsöny Mountains. More than forty people applied for the call of the Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association, and eleven of them remained the current members of the service. The Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association organized a number of theoretical and practical training sessions for the applicants, as well as provided the necessary tools and equipment for the start.
Our members did finish the basic firefighting course for the members of the service, which was a condition for successful integration into the national disaster management.

The members of the Börzsöny Service established the independent Börzsöny Special Rescue Association (or as many people in Börzsöny know it: Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service) at their founding meeting held at Lynx House in 2022.
The team started to do many additional trainings and courses to be as more professional is possible.
From begining our teams did proove many times the professionalism saving many lives in the mountains.
From spring of 2023 our organisation is contracted by the Disaster Management Authority as volunteer firefighter organisation in Szokolya area (cat II, technical rescue).

About us (2019.04.26.) - Article800 BHSz 003

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Who are our members?

Our members are volunteers who perform their service activities in their free time, voluntarily and without compesation. Our common characteristics are that we like to help others, we like mountains and we especially like Börzsöny Mountains. In addition to our "civilian" work and occupation, we have learned to provide first aid, but there are also trained medical professionals and alpinists among us.

What equipment do we work with?

Our equipment includes alpine equipment, a special stretcher and a medic bag, among many other equipments. If necessary, the members of the Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association or other voluntary rescue organizations provide assistance in the rescue.

How do we work?

When we provide patrol service on the mountains, you can meet us on the popular hiking routes of Börzsöny. Our members also provide standby service, in which case they go from home to help if they are alarmed.

Is this a state-run rescue organization?

This is a volunteer rescue organization. Some of its members have a basic firefighting course, an industrial alpine exam or a health education or advanced first aid knowledge, and we known well the Börzsöny mountain. If necessary, the state-run disaster agencies (Ambulance, Firefighters, Police) also ask for our help for rescue tasks.

How can we help?

Our basic task is rescue, and within this framework we try to help anyone as much as we can. If you are in trouble, call the central emergency number 112 and our SOS number: +36 20 851 55 95. If you meet us in Börzsöny and you just need a patch or directions, we will be happy to help you

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  • 2022


    Alpin exam

    Four members of the service successfully passed the industrial alpinist exam.

  • 2022


    We are formed

    The Börzsöny Special Rescue association has been founded

  • 2022


    In duty

    We have provided services at Börzsöny almost every weekend.

  • 2022


    Firefighter exam

    11 members of our mountain rescue service successfully passed the firefighter exam.

  • 2022


    We are online

    Our Facebook page has been launched

  • 2022


    The Mountain Rescue Service is prepared

    The Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association provided us with our first medical bag and an agreement in principle was reached with the Danube-Ipoly National Park about our cooperation.

  • 2021


    The training has begun... and the dropout

    42 people applied for the first call, but only about 15 showed up for the courses and sessions organized by the Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association.

  • 2021


    Recruiting started

    The Ipoly-völgy Special Rescue Association has published an announcement in Börzsöny internet groups.