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Winter hiking tips in Borzsony

We've gathered some basic hiking tips for the autumn/winter season to help you prepare for winter hiking.

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GPS navigation for hiking

Almost everyone already has a smartphone, yet we regularly notice that a good number of hikers do not have any offline maps on their phones.

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Tips for hiking in Börzsöny

Read here the most important supplies and useful advices for hiking Börzsöny mountains.

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Lightning, storm

What to do and what to not do when the storm catch you in the mountains and it lightning?

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Emergency calls in Borzsony

In the Börzsöny Mountains - as in many other places - mobile phone coverage is often incomplete, making it difficult to call for help.

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Királyrét - Csóványos - Nagy-hideghegy

Táv19,2 km

One-day round trip to the closest high-peaks from Budapest. Visit the wild, romantic Carpathian forest landscape of High-Börzsöny. Visiting the highest point of the Danube bend region is varied but a serious challenge - but a guaranteed lasting experience!

Kék kereszt
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Nagy-hidegy hegy - Csóványos vulcan tour

Táv8,1 km

Round trip with departure and arrival in the Nagy-hideg hegy peak. This route is one of the sections of the highest ridge of Börzsöny, dotted with viewpoints, mysterious stone formations and old trees.

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Csoványos peak 938m

Altit.968 tfm

The highest peak of Börzsöny mountains. From the observation tower the country's most unique, mostly mountainous views is revealed.

Peak, refugee
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Nagy-hideg peak

Altit.864 tfm

Nagy-Hideg-hegy is the third highest mountain in Börzsöny with its height of 864 meters.

Nagy-hideg hegy
Observ. towers
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Várhegy lookout

Altitud359 tfm

The attraction of Börzsöny's most popular hiking spot is the panoramic lookout tower built in 2020 on Vár-hegy, rising above Királyrét.

Sightseeing, accom.
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Lynx House


The sight-seeing center and tourist accommodation of the Danube-Ipoly National Park in Királyrét.


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