02Jun 2024
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Another ankle injury occurred at Remete Cave

A middle-aged woman suffered an ankle injury at Remete Cave on Sunday afternoon. A mountain rescue unit happened to be nearby on a field trip, and help arrived quickly. Within two months, this is already the third incident.

25May 2024
News (2022.01.29.) - ordoghegy 20240525 1

Severely injured at Devil's Mountain

A middle-aged man suffered severe injuries on the tourist trail leading to the Remete Cave at Devil's Mountain. The man with the open fracture was rescued in heavy rains and storm.

30Apr 2024
News (2022.01.29.) - vizvetel vagott 800

Water sources in the Nagy-Hideg-hegy area

From May 1, 2024, there will be no water intake possibility on Nagy-Hideg-hegy, at least not for the next few weeks. Here are the nearest springs.

26Apr 2024
News (2022.01.29.) - kiralyret 20240425 10

A car rolled into a stream in Királyrét

A minibus rolled into the stream from the Királyrét parking lot under unknown circumstances, likely due to negligence.

07Apr 2024
News (2022.01.29.) - 20240407 banyapuszta

Elderly hiker taken ill

An elderly lady fell ill in the Bányapuszta area, prompting a request for assistance from the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service.

06Apr 2024
News (2022.01.29.) - 20240406 gyadai

Ankle injury on the Gyada trail

We assisted the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department in rescuing a hiker with an injured ankle on the Gyadai nature trail.

22Mar 2024
Remete-barlang - Bokasérülés

Rescue at the Remete Cave

A 51-year-old female hiker suffered an ankle injury near the Hermit Cave. She could no longer proceed from the cave, so the mountain rescuers and volunteer firefighters from Nagymaros transported her down with a special stretcher.

20Mar 2024
News (2022.01.29.) - foltan illusztracio

Foot injury at the Foltan cross

Due to the injury of his ankle ligament, the hiker could no longer continue from Foltán Cross, and the mountain rescue service was dispatched to assist him.