20Aug 2023
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Serious cyclist injury in Zebegény

A woman suffered a thigh and neck injury in the Zebegény area when her bicycle tipped over on a narrow path. The Nagymaros Volunteer Firefighters rescued her with the assistance of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service.

03Aug 2023
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Already 54 interventions this year

Already 40 people has been rescued and/or provided with first aid in Borzsony mountains by Borzsony Mountain Rescue team and totally 54 interventions has been evaluated.

29Jul 2023
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They got stuck with their car in the vicinity of Kopasz Hill

An elderly couple accidentally drove their car onto the green lane tourist trail and got stuck in the mud. The mountain rescue service found them with the help of hikers.

29Jul 2023
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A hiker fell from a rock

A rescue helicopter also arrived at the scene, along with the mountain rescue service, the Vámosmikola Fire Department, the National Ambulance Service, the Police, and the forestry service, all assisting in the rescue operation.

27Jul 2023
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Ankle injury at Godóvár

The hiker lady was heading from Csóványos towards Kemence on the green-marked trail when she slipped and suffered a severe ankle injury around the Godóvár area.

26Jul 2023
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Young mountain rescuers in the Börzsöny Mountains

The members of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service held a half-day workshop for the children camping at the Hiúz Ház in the Börzsöny Mountains.

16Jul 2023
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Night running in the Börzsöny Mountains

The units of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service provided security for the Börzsöny section of the Burger King Ultra Lupa-tó trail running race.

08Jul 2023
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Dangerous butterfly collection with an ankle injury

A biology student from the University of Veterinary Medicine was chasing butterflies when he stepped into a hole and injured his ankle. They requested assistance from the mountain rescue service.