Be cool and support our non-profit organization. We are volunteers, we have to assemble our equipment ourselves. We ask for your help! Even a thousand forints helps, but if you really want to be cool and can afford it, then buy one of the listed equipment or donate a larger amount of your choice! You can also donate with a bank card, we use the secure STRIPE solutions.


3000 HUF

or any sum you can afford 🙂

  • You are cool

  • We can fill our firs-aid bag

  • You are contribute to our expenses

Supporting member

25 000 HUF

yearly fee

  • You are super cool

  • This money helps a lot

  • We'll send a gift and invite you to our events

Top supporter


we need a lot of things

  • We'll adore you

  • Your badges will be on our vehicles

  • and everywhere on our website

Donate (2019.04.27.) - coffee pay

Support us with the price of a cup of coffee every month!

Invite one or more members of the mountain rescue service to a cup of coffee every month, helping our work to stay alert.
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Please buy for us equipment

Support our team

Alpin gear
Donate (2019.04.27.) - A020CA00 STRATO DUAL HI VIZ LowRes

Petzl STRATO® HI-VIZ helmet

37 990 HUF
5 / 9

This super light helmet not only protects us from injury, but is also a must-have accessory. We don't have enough yet. It would help us a lot if you could buy us one.

Alpin gear
Donate (2019.04.27.) - Oxan Screw Lock M72A SL

Petzl Oxan Screw-Lock acélkarabiner

Huf5 690
We have 12/32

The carabiner is never enough, but we always realize that we need more. Really we need an amazing amount of it! Thanks!

Alpin gear
Donate (2019.04.27.) - tendronkotel60m

Rope 60m

Huf48 600
We have 6/6

We use such ropes for alpine rescue, but only if the stretcher has to be taken down on a slippery slope, we also secure it with this kind of ropes. Would help a lot if you buy it for us!


Donations from Magnet Bank customers

If you are a Magnet Bank customer, please consider us and set the following in your Netbank:

  • Select our association in the Community Donation (KAP) 2023 program. It won't cost you anything, but the Bank will give us a part of the profit

  • In the Community Bank Card menu, please select our association as initiated. It doesn't cost you anything, but we also get a little money after your bank card purchases.

  • If you really want to be a philanthropist, you can donate to us directly from the individual donation menu.

Top supporters

strategic partners

Our supporters are our strategic partners with whom we work in the field of social responsibility.
With their dedicated help, our association can succeed in new challenges and fulfill its public service activities at an ever higher level.

If you want to be our main supporter, contact us.

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