When nothing happening (2022.11.07.) - 315061496 138810488915265 1005633361084066313 n

Even when nothing is happening, we are not bored in service. The mountain rescuers are always stopped by hikers for a band-aid, directions, advice, and information. Even drinking a coffee at the Királyrét buffet can become eventful, like this rainy weekend in Borzsony mountains. While having coffee, our mountain rescuers had to treat one of the buffet's employees for a cat scratch ? . And if we took out the rescue bag anyway, we washed the eyes of another kitten, which is already recovering nicely from a previous injury. Of course, the eye-wash ended up with another scratching and another patch, but then everyone sat contentedly looking at the rainy landscape, drinking hot coffee, while the cats nibbled on the pieces of ham falling from the sandwiches.