Thank you for thinking about being our featured supporter! We need tools that cost a lot of money and we need your help!

If you are

please think about to help our non-profit organisation.

  • Car

    We really need a good off-road vehicle. Something used, like the older Defender, Pathfinder, Land Cruiser stb.

  • Quad

    or ATV/ULV. It is very practical for rescue, we could use it to save in places where an off-road vehicle cannot fit.

  • Clothes

    We are trying to dress the team, but we have not yet found a brand that would provide us with uniforms for a mountain environment

  • Alpine gears

    any kind of industrial alpine gear. We need a lot of things. Thank you for the huge discounts!

  • Radio technics

    We need super high-quality URH equipment that is really durable Solved, many thanks for NOVOFER Zrt!

  • Computers

    It would be nice to have a tablet or two that are really durable. We could better navigate and coordinate our work. Thank you Portum Lines for your help!

  • Money

    A lot of 🙂 Doing special rescue is very expensive due the high-standards of equipment.

  • Everything else

    anything else what would help us.

If you can help us please write to [email protected] or call us on +36203694137 phone number. We are really glad for your help.