Supporting Membership

If you really want to be a good person, join our association as a supporting member. The annual membership fee you pay would mean a lot for us! We could pay our operational costs, buy equipment or enroll our members in trainings. We are volunteers, we don't get a penny for our work, we even pay membership fees ourselves and pay all expenses from our own pockets. But our pockets are not unlimited, and it would be a real help if you could come in.

Why become a supporting member?

all this for only

25 000 HUF / year

How to become a Supporting Member?

Please fill out the form below and send it to us. You'll have the option to pay the membership fee on the STRIPE imediatelly after you sent the message (the screen will show you a confirmation text, just click on STRIPE) OR you can wait until we record your Supporting Membership into our CRM system and we'ill send you an email with the bank trasnfer details.




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Welcome to the supporting members of the Börzsöny Special Rescue Association! You can pay the annual membership fee here PAYMENT or wait until we record your data into our CRM and you will receive the necessary information for the transfer.
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Welcome to Borzsony Special Rescue Supporting Members