Two hikers were helped by our units (2023.01.14.) - Article800 BSM 230114

The weather was beautiful in Borzsony on Saturday, and the members of the mountain rescue service were on duty in the area of Királyret – Szenpatak valley - Csovanyos peak - Nagy-hideg hegy peak. Many hikers visited the Nagy-hideg peak area in the hope of snow, but due to the heat and sunshine, only a little snow remained on the high-Borzsony. Members of our Mountain Rescue Service had one smaller intervention during the day. Late in the afternoon a young couple asked for help from the unit stationed on Nagy-hideg hegy peak. Our unit was noticed that a man had an asthma attack during their hiking and although he felt a little better after applying the medicine he had with him, he was too weak to get down by his own power. He did not need further medical care, but the mountain rescuers escorted them to their car at the Ceresznyefa parking lot.