UPDATE 2024.07.07.: A Level III heat alert has been issued in Hungary, and the previously issued warning has been updated

In the coming days (between 2024.07.07 - 2024.07.14, expected until Sunday), a heatwave will sweep across Hungary, including Börzsöny. This week, even on Nagy-Hideg-hegy, the expected temperature will be 30°C, with nighttime temperatures around 15°C-20°C! The expected UV index in the coming days: 7-8. Under such conditions, hiking is more challenging than in winter, so the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service recommends that only those who are confident in their abilities and thoroughly prepared should undertake hikes in Börzsöny during the extreme heat:

Hike Planning

Plan your routes to spend as little time as possible in sun-exposed areas! Those familiar with Börzsöny can easily plan accordingly, as they know the nature of the routes. Move quickly through sunny sections, even if it feels exhausting and difficult, try to get through them as soon as possible. We recommend not planning long hikes on sun-exposed ridge routes during heatwaves. For less experienced hikers, the elderly, or those with small children, we recommend hiking in low-lying, deep, shady valleys. During heatwaves like the one expected now, unfortunately, it will not be cooler in the high-altitude regions of Börzsöny than in the lowlands.


To protect against UV radiation, dress appropriately, covering as much skin as possible with lightweight, breathable clothing. Wear hats and use sunscreen/creams. Thoroughly apply sunscreen to your nose, ears, and the back of your neck! Healing a severely sunburned nose is slow and painful. Another important protective measure is tick repellent, as ticks are currently present almost everywhere in Börzsöny and in incredible numbers! According to our colleagues' experiences, even a simple walk around Királyrét results in an average of 2-3 ticks per child. Additionally, based on our own and other hikers' experiences, you can expect swarms of mosquitoes in the most unexpected places in Börzsöny!

Remember that in hot weather, our bodies sweat out an incredible amount of water, which we must constantly replenish! Bring enough water, and when you think you have packed enough in your backpack, add another bottle! When hiking in the heat, you may need up to 4 liters of water per day! There are very few water sources in Börzsöny! The Nagy-Hideg-hegyi tourist house is still closed, so do not count on getting water there (if the on-duty mountain rescuers have time, they sometimes go up during the day to open it for water, but we cannot promise or predict this, it operates on an ad-hoc basis)!


Sandals are tempting in the heat, but Börzsöny is a place prone to ankle injuries, believe us, we have many cases. Of course, if you only plan to visit the educational trails in the low-lying valleys, sandals are comfortable and sufficient, but if you go hiking despite the heat, we recommend boots that provide good ankle support! Clothing should cover the body, be breathable, and as mentioned above, a hat is essential.

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