Hiker lost around Nagy-Hideg-hegy (2023.01.20.) - mentes20220120 800500

An individual had to seek help via the 112 emergency hotline late afternoon on Friday the 20th after getting lost in the mountains. The police contacted Börzsöny Special Rescue for assistance, geolocation and rescue services. Our rescue unit responded immediately and were put in direct contact with the individual, whose approximate location around Nagy-Hideg-hegy could be identified in little time. Once the person's whereabouts have been understood, our rescue services contacted the operators of Nagy-Hideg-hegy tourist centre while on the way to the location. Three seasoned hikers were present, and after being informed of the situation, they could successfully identify the young man with his doggy in the immediate vicinity of the tourist centre. Our volunteers shortly arrived, examined the individual, and safely escorted him to an ambulance car nearby for further examination.
A big shout-out to the private hikers who acted as voluntary "first responders" without hesitation. Special thanks to the staff of Nagy-Hideg-hegy tourist centre. And certainly, as always, a thank you to the National Ambulance Service's colleagues and to the police.

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