There were few interventions needed on Saturday (2023.01.21.) - nhh20220121 800500

Despite the warnings, incredible lines formed today in the area of Királyrét (and as we heard, elsewhere as well). The risk of falling trees is still high in the Börzsöny Mountains. From Friday to Saturday morning, a huge tree fell in the upper part of the northern ski slope of Nagy-hideg-hegy, which the maintenance crew managed to move by late evening. Our mountain rescuers noticed sudden falling branches in several places. Our mountain rescuers were on duty at Nagy-hideg-hegy and asked for their assistance in a total of four cases throughout the day. A young man suffered minor bruises in a sledding accident, but left Nagy-hideg-hegy on his own after receiving treatment. Two people asked for help from the mountain rescuers due to muscle pain/fatigue, and a family with a small child misjudged the hiking time and, lacking equipment, came down from the mountain with our team, which was already heading home. Last but not least, we took care of a very dear but lost dog, and someone who saw our post in the Börzsöny Facebook group eventually came forward and took the dog back to its owner in Kóspallag. Our mountain rescuers used the snow to test our special stretcher, and since many people were anxiously watching us pull someone on a stretcher instead of a sled in Nagy-hideg-hegy... don't worry, it was just a practice ?

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