Hazardous tree removal at Rakodo pass (2023.02.11.) - 20230212 fa rakodo

Börzsöny Special Rescue removed a damaged beech tree which has been posing a hazard to hikers alongside the route of the National Blue Trail, between Csóványos and Nagy-Hideg-hegy. The beech trunk had broken at its base just above the root system following recent storms and was held unstably by a nearby tree, leaning above the popular hiking trail route. It represented safety risk due to its location and position. There was a distinct possibility that it could come down on the trail regularly visited by tourists and hikers, due to either spontaneous break or a wind gust.

Local forest management company Ipoly Erdő LC sought assistance from Börzsöny Special Rescue and we were pleased to help. The damanged beech trunk was removed using alpine technical rescue methods and equipment, and now therefore poses no more risk on one of the busiest and most popular hiking trails of the Börzsöny mountain range.

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