Young hiker with hypothermia rescued at Szabo stones (2023.02.05.) - 20230205mentes

The Borzsonyi Mountain Rescue Service was alerted on Sunday afternoon by the Ipoly-valley Special Rescue Association. Notice said that the Nograd County Disaster Management Service was requesting assistance in Search&Rescue a hiker with hypothermia. We did contact the hikers and found it was a young couple who were heading from Csovanyos peak to Nagy-Hideg-hegy peak late in the afternoon. They stopped near the Szabo stones, due the young lady could not go any further. Her shoes and light fabric pants were completely soaked by then, she was in pain and very cold. Our mountain rescuer on duty on Nagy-Hideg-hegy with the help of a volunteer - we thank again his professional attitude and enthusiasm - immediately set off towards the Szabo stones, while another mountain rescue unit was deployed from Szokolya. Our mountain rescuers quickly found the couple at the Szabo stones. By that time, the twenty-three-year-old woman could no longer feel her legs, some parts of her pants were already hard frozen and she could hardly stand up. After the first-aid on field, our mountain rescuers tried to support the lady on foot to the SUV. They managed to do this as far as "Burns-peak", and from there they were taken down with rope and stretcher to the off-road vehicle waiting nearby. The couple has been to transported to the ambulance waiting at the Cseresznyefa parking lot. The staff of the National Ambulance Service transported them to the hospital of Vac city for further treatment.

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