Wind damage in Börzsöny (2023.03.11.) - fak20230311

Severe weather conditions with extreme windstorms caused excessive damages across the country, and Börzsöny was no exception. As a result of the heavy winds all Saturday, numberous sizeable old tree trunks have falled down. Three major pieces blocked the service road nearby Nagy-hideg-hegy tourist centre entirely. Börzsöny Special Rescue removed these alongside other falled trunks which were either dangerous or blocking roadways and pathways in the surrounding area.

Hikers of the Börzsöny mountain range are being advised to be particularly cautious on the designated hiking trails due to these broken trees.

Splintered trunks, branches, twigs and elements of the canopy are upheld or supported by nothing else but other remaining - and often also damaged - branches, and can therefore fall any time.

Units of Börzsöny Special Rescue will be working together with Ipoly Erdő Zrt in the period ahead, so as to locate and examine damaged trees around hiking routes, and to remove the ones posing danger.

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Wind damage in Börzsöny (2023.03.11.) - fak20230311b

Wind damage in Börzsöny (2023.03.11.) - fak20230311c