The mountain rescuers have received long-range radios (2023.04.18.) - novofer tamogatas 800 500

The Börzsöny Special Rescue Association (Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service) has received additional support. With the donation of three URH VHF radios from Novofer Zrt., the mountain rescuers can make rescue operations even more efficient, especially in areas where mobile phones no longer have reception. Communication in the Börzsöny Mountains can often be a challenge, as many areas lack proper mobile phone coverage.

The radios are of industrial quality, and thanks to their long-range capabilities, mountain rescuers can easily communicate with each other, even in places where there is no coverage. There are many such areas in the Börzsöny Mountains, and the use of radios is crucial for effective rescue work.

Novofer Zrt. has also completed the necessary permit procedures to ensure that the radios are fully legal and comply with the required regulations. The donation clearly increases the safety and efficiency of the mountain rescuers, and the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service is very grateful for Novofer Zrt.'s generous donation.

This story once again highlights how important cooperation and support are for such important organizations. Mountain rescuers do everything they can to save others, and every bit of help they receive greatly contributes to successful rescues. The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service continues to work to further develop its services and receive support from both the community and industry.

We thank Novofer Zrt. for this great donation, which can truly save lives during the work of mountain rescuers. This donation also shows that the company cares about the community and people's safety. We hope that other companies will follow their example and help the mountain rescuers' work to more effectively protect people's lives and nature.

We are volunteers, serving without payment. We cover all expenses from our own pockets and have not received any state support so far. Be kind and help support the operation of the association.