Injured hiker at Magas-Tax in the Börzsöny Mountains (2023.06.17.) -

He had a bad step and twisted his ankle. A 47-year-old man called the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service in the afternoon. The caller explained that he couldn't put weight on his foot and was unable to descend from the Börzsöny Mountains without assistance.

The on-duty team of the mountain rescue service rushed to the scene and found the injured person near the intersection of the Nagy-Hideg Mountain operational road and the blue square hiking trail, around the area of Magas-Tax. The mountain rescuers immobilized the injured foot and transported him to the Cseresznyefa parking lot with a terrain vehicle, where the National Ambulance Service's emergency vehicle had also arrived in the meantime. The paramedics further transported the injured person to the Vác Hospital for further treatment.

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