Accident in Verőce (2023.06.25.) - 20230625

In record time, the unit of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service arrived at a traffic accident in Verőce. The on-duty mountain rescuers (who are also volunteer firefighters) stopped by a pastry shop in Verőce on Sunday afternoon for a well-deserved Verőce plum cake when they received an alert from the Pest County Disaster Management Duty about a traffic accident in Verőce. According to the alert data, three cars had collided just a few steps away from the pastry shop.

The members of the unit immediately reported to the duty that they were on the scene, barely ten seconds after the alert ? Fortunately, there were no injuries in the accident, but the members of the Börzsöny Special Rescue and Volunteer Firefighter Association promptly disconnected the affected vehicles' power supply. They also secured the scene and managed the traffic with alternating lane diversion until the arrival of the professional firefighters from Vác and the police.

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