They got stuck with their car in the vicinity of Kopasz Hill (2023.07.29.) - 20230729 mentes2

The Börzsöny mountain rescuers were still on a mission at the Rend Stones on Saturday afternoon when they received another alert: an elderly couple had veered off the asphalt road with their car in the Márianosztra region and got stuck in the mud on a hiking trail.

After completing the rescue operation at the Rend Stones, one of the mountain rescue units set out to the other side of the Börzsöny Mountains to find and assist the stranded couple. In the meantime, several hikers called the mountain rescue service's SOS number, indicating that they had seen the stuck vehicle, and with the help of the hikers, the exact location of the incident was identified. The hikers also reported that the elderly couple were diabetic and had not eaten for a long time.

In the late afternoon, the mountain rescuers arrived at the scene, providing water and food first to the stranded passengers in the vehicle, then using a winch to free their car from the mud. Since the couple had no idea where they were, the mountain rescuers escorted them all the way to Verőce to ensure they headed in the right direction towards Budapest.

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