Warning (2023.12.25.) - 20231225viz

During the Christmas period, a significant amount of mixed precipitation fell in the Börzsöny, resulting in thick snow cover in many places. However, starting from December 25, a strong warming trend began, and even on Nagy-Hideg Mountain, the temperature rose above +6°C. Due to the unusually mild weather for the season, a rapid and intense melting process started in the Börzsöny, melting about half a meter of snow in practically just 48 hours. The warm weather will persist until Wednesday, and temperatures will remain above normal even in higher regions until New Year's Eve.

As a result of the melting, the streams in the Börzsöny have surged, with their water flow unusually high and their currents extremely strong. In many places, it is almost impossible to cross them. The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service urges hikers to consider that, when planning their routes, they may not be able to cross the streams or may need to take significant detours. The valleys in the northern part of the Börzsöny have become particularly dangerous. Please carefully plan your hiking route, and if you are not familiar with the area, it is advisable not to venture into the Börzsöny at this time.

The mountain rescue service also warns that the remaining snow in many places may still be quite deep, but it is specifically wet and slushy. Improper footwear will immediately get wet or allow cold slush to enter, and in some places, icy meltwater can even penetrate high boots. In areas without slushy snow, the abundance of mud compensates for its absence. Many hikers and runners have reported difficult travel conditions in online groups.

Due to the saturated soil, tree falls continue to pose a constant danger. Please exercise caution, and those who do not have the proper experience, equipment, and local knowledge are advised not to hike in the Börzsöny at the moment.

This alert is based on preliminary information from László Nagy, an employee of Ipoly Erdő Zrt. and the editor-in-chief of Erdészeti Lapok.

For BOOTS, APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, WATER, FOOD, SUGAR, FLASHLIGHT, MAP (if on the phone, then offline!) should always be considered basic equipment, and in winter, the SNOW CAT and INSULATION FOIL are very important.

Winter progress is slower, darkness falls earlier, and the weather is more extreme. Pay attention to proper hydration, and there are many factors to consider. Please read our detailed WINTER HIKING TIPS

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