Rescue on the Naszály peak (2023.12.21.) - 20231221 naszaly1

On Thursday afternoon, the National Ambulance Service alerted the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service to an injured person near the summit of Naszály. Twenty minutes after the alert, three mountain rescuers were already on their way from the base in Szokolya. They met with colleagues from the National Ambulance Service at the end of Felső-Kútvölgyi Road, and from there, they proceeded on foot to reach the injured person.

The on-duty mountain rescuer contacted the emergency callers by phone and learned that the three-member group was hiking to Naszály, but one of them slipped and dislocated his shoulder on the very slippery path. Due to the difficult terrain, his hiking companions were unable to assist him, so they dialed 112 for help.

The mountain rescue unit and the ambulance service arrived at the scene at 18:44. The injured man had slipped in sports shoes on the yellow triangle trail leading to the summit of Naszály, and their clothing was inadequate for the terrain and weather conditions.

The paramedics determined that the injuries to the man were severe, and hypothermia had already set in. However, they successfully stabilized his condition. The mountain rescuers and paramedics together escorted the injured person on foot to the ambulance, from where he was further transported by ambulance to the hospital in Vác due to severe shoulder injuries and hypothermia.

This intervention marked the 69th operation for the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service in the year 2023, with the young man being the forty-seventh person assisted/rescued/found.

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