Foot injury at the Foltan cross (2024.03.20.) - foltan illusztracio

On Wednesday early afternoon, a hiker requested assistance from the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service. During a full-day hike, he was heading towards Foltán Cross from Csóványos when he suffered an ankle ligament injury.

Following the injury, he continued his way to Foltán Cross, but there he felt that with his increasingly swollen leg, he could no longer proceed, so he requested assistance from the mountain rescue service's emergency number.

Fifteen minutes after the distress call, a mountain rescue off-road vehicle departed from the Szokolya base and arrived shortly at Foltán Cross. The man in distress did not require notification of the National Ambulance Service; he mentioned that he could manage on his own from Nógrád.

Our mountain rescue colleague treated the man's injury and transported him by off-road vehicle to Nógrád, from where he took care of further medical examinations himself.