Rescue at the Remete Cave (2024.03.22.) - 20240322 remete3 800

On Friday early afternoon, a distress call arrived at the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service's SOS hotline. A relative of a hiker requested assistance, explaining that the 51-year-old lady had twisted or broken her ankle near the Hermit Cave. They managed to reach the Hermit Cave, but from there, they couldn't proceed either upwards or downwards.

Three mountain rescuers set out immediately from the Szokolya base of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service, and the duty officer also alerted the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department, from where three more personnel were dispatched to the scene. The arriving units parked their vehicles on the 12th main road at the Dömös crossing, then continued on foot uphill towards the old funicular station and approached the cave from there following the yellow trail markers.

Rescue at the Remete Cave (2024.03.22.) - 20240322 remete1 800

Upon arrival at the scene, the injured ankle was iced and splinted, then the special wheeled mountain rescue stretcher was assembled. Although the wheeled stretcher eased the burden considerably, the rescue units still had to proceed cautiously downwards on the extremely difficult terrain. Crossing the railway tracks required special precautions, and at the steep railway embankment stairs, the stretcher had to be lowered to the 12th main road using ropes.

Rescue at the Remete Cave (2024.03.22.) - 20240320remete2 800

The emergency ambulance from the Szobi Emergency Station arrived at the scene, and the injured lady was transported to the Vác Hospital for further examination and treatment.

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