Elderly hiker taken ill (2024.04.07.) - 20240407 banyapuszta

On Sunday afternoon, a distress call came through to the SOS hotline of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service from a group of hikers, stating that one of their 70-year-old companions had become unwell and couldn't continue the journey. Two members of the larger group stayed with the lady while the others proceeded on their way.

Two units of the mountain rescue service set off with off-road vehicles to the location. In the vicinity of Érsek tisztás, on the asphalt road, a motorcyclist offered assistance to the rescuers. With the necessary first aid equipment and the help of the motorcyclist, one of the mountain rescuers quickly reached the Nagybörzsöny area and then continued to Bányapuszta, ensuring swift assistance for the elderly lady considering the circumstances.

Our colleague found them at the intersection of the red cross and OKT trails above Bányapuszta. Fortunately, it turned out that there were no serious issues and her condition did not require hospital treatment. After examinations and some rest, she was escorted to the mountain rescue off-road vehicle upon its arrival at Bányapuszta.

The lady was able to return home from Nagybörzsöny accompanied by her friends.

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