Ankle injury on the Gyada trail (2024.04.06.) - 20240406 gyadai

On Saturday morning, a female hiker suffered a severe ankle injury on the Gyadai nature trail near Szendehely. The National Ambulance Service's unit in Vác requested assistance from the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department to reach the scene. Due to the expected complex terrain, the Nagymaros volunteer firefighters also requested the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service to the scene.

Within 25 minutes of the alert, two units from Nagymaros and one rescue unit from the mountain rescuers met near the Gyadai nature trail with the OMSZ staff, from where they continued approaching the injured person together on the terrain. Fortunately, the injured person was in an easily accessible location, and the rescue units were able to park their off-road vehicles directly beside her.

The ambulance service staff examined and treated the lady's injury, then transported her to the ambulance with the off-road vehicles. The paramedics took the injured person to the hospital in Vác for further examination and treatment.

In rescue operations in the Börzsöny and surrounding areas, the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service closely collaborates with the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department and the Kismaros Volunteer Fire Department, and for more efficient coordination, we have already integrated our software-based alert systems to respond even faster to each other - and thus to those in distress.