At the gate of Magas-Börzsöny, at the starting point of countless hiking trails, there is a busy certified forest school with exhibitions and educational trails, where the Danube-Ipoly National Park provides diverse programs for school and kindergarten groups, from one day to one week, combined with accommodation.
Hiúz Ház is an essential stop on the hike starting from Királyrét, where children can see the wildlife of Börzsöny in the exciting exhibition space. The "Frog nature trail" also starts from here, which is a very good hiking spot for those who are not looking for difficult hiking terrain, but who want to experience the atmosphere of Börzsöny by walking without climbing.

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Királyréti kisvasút
Volán busz menetrend
Hiúz Ház
Ipolyerdő Királyréti Kiállítóközpont

Our news regarding Kiralyret

  • Lynx House (2022.10.08.) - hiuzhaztabor2023 1

    Young mountain rescuers in the Börzsöny Mountains

    The members of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service held a half-day workshop for the children camping at the Hiúz Ház in the Börzsöny Mountains.

  • Lynx House (2022.10.08.) - ultralupa 2023

    Night running in the Börzsöny Mountains

    The units of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service provided security for the Börzsöny section of the Burger King Ultra Lupa-tó trail running race.

  • Fehérpettyes álcsüngőlepke

    Dangerous butterfly collection with an ankle injury

    A biology student from the University of Veterinary Medicine was chasing butterflies when he stepped into a hole and injured his ankle. They requested assistance from the mountain rescue service.

Lynx House (2022.10.08.) -