The Börzsöny mountain range in Hungary is covered by the largest continuous forest cover in the country, and it boasts peaks reaching heights of 8-900 meters. Although it cannot be considered a true high mountain environment, it should not be forgotten that the Börzsöny is a volcanic mountain range. The rugged ridges, mountains, hillsides, and mountainous basins, which characterize the wild and picturesque landscape, are the remains of a complexly developed ancient volcano. The variety of the terrain poses numerous dangers for inexperienced or unprepared hikers.
The proximity of the Carpathian Mountains, the relatively northern geographical location, the decreasing temperatures with increasing altitude, the narrow valleys with frost pockets, the steep slopes exposed to the prevailing wind direction, and so on, result in a cooler, more humid mountain climate typical of our mid-range mountains compared to Hungary's average climate.
If someone plans to go on a hike in the Börzsöny for more than just a nature trail, proper preparation and equipment are essential!
Preparation is the most important factor! If we don't want to spend the night in the Börzsöny or go hiking with mountain rescuers at night, we should plan our hike to reach a populated area no later than an hour before sunset! In the forest, the night falls much faster than we are used to in urban environments, and the air cools much faster and more efficiently.
We have put together the most important items and useful tips for anyone planning a hike in the Börzsöny:

  • Hiking boots

    The high-Börzsöny terrain can cause ankle sprains, so do not attempt to hike in sports shoes, sandals, or slippers (we have seen this happen).

  • Drinking water

    There are few opportunities to collect water, so each person should carry at least 1.5 liters of drinking water! Proper hydration is just as important in winter as it is in summer! Dehydration significantly increases the risk of hypothermia!

  • Sugar

    As well as chocolate, oatmeal supplements, vitamins, etc. Complex chemical processes and nerve-muscle impulse transmission are needed to operate our muscles. Carbohydrates are needed for both isotonic and isometric muscle contractions. When we get tired, we feel great pain in our legs, so rest, eat chocolate, or take nutritional supplements.

  • Map

    Bring a paper map with you, not just a phone app. For the application, make sure to have an offline map. Don't forget that the longer we use the phone for navigation, the faster the battery will drain, so bring a power bank for an all-day hike.

  • Additional clothing

    Even in summer, make sure to bring suitable additional clothing in case of rain or if it gets dark for some reason! In winter, pay attention to changing clothes or at least having spare socks!

  • Flashlight

    Even if we do not plan to hike at night, things can easily go awry. A flashlight can be a lifesaver in such situations.

And finally, a few useful tips: if you are hiking alone, always have someone around who knows your plans: where you will be hiking, approximately what your route will be, and when you plan to return. If you get into trouble, this can help a lot: someone will know that you are in trouble and we will know where to look for you. If you are going to the Börzsöny for several days and leaving your car in one of the forest parking lots, just leave a note behind the windshield saying that you went hiking and when you plan to return. This way, we won't worry unnecessarily if we see your car in the same place for days, and we would know that you are in trouble if your car is still there after the specified date.

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