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The Ipoly-völgy Special Ambulance association was alerted on Saturday evening by the Duna-Ipoly National Park ( DINPI )'s nature protection service, as two hikers got stuck in the dark atCsoványos peak, from where they couldn't leave on their own. members of the Börzsönyi Mountain Rescue Service immediately were deployed while they managed to contact the hikers by phone and asked them to stay on Csóványos peak until their arrival. The mountain rescuers approached the scene as far as possible with an all-terrain vehicle, and then reached the top of the mountain on foot. The two middle-aged hikers were found somewhat dehydrated, weakened and hypothermic, but after being treated, they were able to walk down to the off-road vehicle on their own, accompanied by mountain rescuers. We would also like to thank the young people camping on Csóványos for their help, who provided hot tea and blankets to those asking for help until the mountain rescuers arrived, and also provided them with their mobile phones to keep in touch. The mountain rescuers transported the hikers with their all-terrain vehicle to the Cseresznyefa parking lot, where their own vehicle was waiting.

We would also like to draw everyone's attention to the fact that Börzsöny is covered by the largest contiguous forest cover in Hungary, and there are peaks of 8-900 meters in the mountain range. Therefore, no one should go on a trip here without rainproof and warm clothing, at least one and a half liters of drinking water per person, chocolate, a fully charged mobile phone, a tourist map and a headlamp! Before going on a trip, always carefully inform yourself about the expected weather conditions, the time of sunset and the locations of logging and possible hunting! Plan your tour in such a way to arrive at a populated area one hour before sunset at the latest! In the forest, it gets dark much faster at night than we are used to in an urban environment, and the air also cools down much faster. Take care of ourselves and each other!

Tourists stucked on Csovanyos peak (2022.10.16.) - locus600 hiking2

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