Night rescue with symptoms of hypothermia (2023.01.22.) - mentes20230122 800 500

Hardly have 24 hours passed since the previous mission, our mountain rescuers received another request for assistance. In an incoming call on our hotline number at 40 minutes past midnight on Sunday, the individual explained that they set off to climb Nagy-Hideg-hegy too late, got lost on the way and had a hard time trying to orientate and determine their own location. Mobile data coverage was scarce without any offline maps downloaded. Our mountain rescuer unit on duty could establish the location and the coordinates, in the area of Bagoly-büki creek, between the peaks of Magas-Tax and Rakodó. We provided assistance via telephone to give some steer towards the nearest recognisable hiking trail. However, the patient was exhausted, feeling extremely cold and lacking strenght to continue on their own. Our unit departed immediately, informed the police and eventually located the individual at around 2:10 AM with severe symptoms of hypothermia, escorted them to Királyrét where ambulance services took over. The individual was admitted to the Hospital of Vác for further treatment and observation.

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