Two more injured hikers this past Sunday (2023.01.22.) - mentes20230122 2 800 500

After a series of emergencies over the weekend, our Borzsony Mountain Rescue units had to intervene once more on Sunday. Staff of Nagy-Hideg-hegy tourist centre informed us of a female individual who’d fallen over and couldn’t continue her hike due to a wrist injury. Our patrol unit departed from Szokolya-Királyrét and found the injured person in need of assistance between Magas-Tax and Nagy-Hideg-hegy.
While en route to the spot, a family stopped our rescue vehicle with parents seeking help for their injured son who’d fallen from an approximate height of 2 metres and whose hand hurt badly as a result. Our second rescue unit just arrived and examined the young boy: it quickly became apparent that the injuries were serious and concerned not only one hand. The National Ambulance Service had to be contacted immediately.
The individual with the injured wrist was escorted to Cseresznyefa parking lot, where relatives were waiting in a car to drive her to the nearest hospital.
Our mountain rescuers escorted the young boy and the family to Hiúz Ház visitor centre – ambulance arrived shortly after. Get well soon, young man! A big thank you to the National Ambulance Service.
Börzsöny Special Rescue had a total of 7 missions over the weekend. 3 individuals rescued from Börzsöny and handed over to ambulance; 2 additional individuals with small injuries; 5 more individuals with signs of exhaustion or distress.
Warning – temperature increases in the coming days will likely result in melting snow, while nightly temperatures will remain in the negatives. Flooding creeks; wet, slippery terrain and treefall: you’ve got it all. On top, weather forecast warns of strong winds this coming weekend. According to our recent observations, a high portion of the casual hikers visiting Börzsöny do so without knowing their way around, in urban attire and without suitable footwear.
We continue to recommend avoiding the higher areas of Börzsöny at this time if you’re inexperienced or ill-equipped.

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