Dangerously fallen trees between Csóványos and Hangyásbérc (2023.05.07.) - 20230506 okt 1

We have been planning it for weeks, and the weather this weekend finally allowed us to remove the fallen trees along the National Blue Trail between Hangyásbérc and Csóványos. These trees fell during the storms in March and April due to strong winds, and some of them posed a danger to hikers or blocked the trail. The Börzsöny Special Rescue Association had already documented these cases and coordinated with the Ipoly Forestry Co., but the weather was not suitable (or we didn't have time due to other interventions) for the clearance work when we were on active duty in the Börzsöny.

Some trees had fallen from their roots, and others were only weakly supported by other trees and could have fallen at any time, while others had already fallen completely and obstructed the hiking trail. The association's tree care experts carefully assessed the situation and only removed those trees that posed a real danger or had become obstacles in the paths.

In some cases, our tree care colleague determined that the fallen tree was strongly supported by other sturdy trees and did not pose a danger, so they left those trees in place.

The National Blue Trail is a popular hiking trail in the Börzsöny Mountains, offering many natural sights. The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service not only performs emergency rescues but also strives to actively participate in nature conservation and forestry tourism activities, making hiking trails safe so that hikers can safely enjoy the magical beauty of the Börzsöny.

Dangerously fallen trees between Csóványos and Hangyásbérc (2023.05.07.) - Article800 BSM 002

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