We are looking for a major supporter! (2023.05.08.) - Article800 BSM 002

We have been trying for half a year in multiple places, and now we are turning to the public: the Börzsöny Special Rescue Association is looking for a sponsor. The goal is to find someone (a car dealership, distributor, private individual, anyone) who can donate a good off-road vehicle or pickup truck suitable for rescuing people in the Börzsöny area.

Currently, the association does not have its own vehicle, and for rescues, we use a privately owned Dacia Duster. The 2022 model Duster Extreme has proven its capabilities in numerous missions, and many saved/assisted/found individuals can testify to what a great vehicle it is. However, there are two problems with it: it is relatively small for rescues (mountain rescuers carry a lot of equipment with them, although this can be overcome with a roof rack), and the biggest issue is that it is not owned by the association! The car is owned and used by one of our members in Budapest. In many cases, the Dacia Duster has been dispatched from Budapest to the Börzsöny at night, but this is not a sustainable solution. Many association members live in Szokolya, Kismaros, and the surrounding areas, but they don't have a means of transportation for rescues. They have to wait for the privately owned car coming from Budapest.
We would like the association to have a fully deployable, rescue-ready vehicle in Szokolya, 24/7. Association members have already spent a lot of money on acquiring the necessary equipment, and hikers in the Börzsöny area have supported them with various small and large financial donations. However, we don't have enough financial resources to purchase a (even used) good off-road vehicle. Our association does not receive any government funding!

Of course, we tried to contact several major car dealerships by sending letters - many of them didn't even respond, some dealerships already support other organizations, and others declined the request citing the tragic state of the automotive industry.

That's why we are turning to the general public with our request: who is willing to support the Börzsöny Special Rescue Association with a good off-road vehicle or pickup truck of larger size? We would be grateful for a used but well-maintained vehicle (we don't have funds for major refurbishments). The religious members of our association would include the donor's name in their prayers, and even the atheists would sew it onto their clothes. We would truly be incredibly grateful.

With an association-owned off-road vehicle, the association will be able to respond more efficiently and quickly to rescue situations in the Börzsöny area. We believe and hope that there is somewhere a philanthropic company executive/business owner or private individual who can afford to donate a car to us. If such a person exists, they can reach us at [email protected] or contact our responsible member at +36203694137.

Thank you in advance!


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