We provided support at the RUNaway WTF Börzsöny running race (2023.05.01.) - runawya wtf borzsony 2023

More than 500 runners participated in the RUNaway WTF Börzsöny 2023 running race, which took place on six different terrains. The three asphalt and three trail routes all started and finished at Királyrét. The Börzsöny Special Rescue team (Börzsöny Mountain Rescue) had two foot units stationed at Csóványos and Foltán crossroads, ready to respond quickly to any possible accidents in the area. The service's vehicle unit was stationed at Királyrét, ready to depart quickly towards Nagy-hideg-hegy or Csóványos in case of emergency.

Fortunately, there were no incidents during the running race that required the intervention of the mountain rescuers. However, during the race, the National Ambulance Service alerted our vehicle unit to a traffic accident at Kálmán kaszáló. We apologize to any runners who may have been disrupted by the police, ambulance, and mountain rescue vehicles rushing to the scene.

We thank all the runners who decided to donate the race chip deposit as a contribution to our association! [Photo: RUNaway Facebook page]

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