Injured hiker on the Blue Trail in Börzsöny (2023.05.21.) - borzsony asdj

On Sunday, during the midday hours, a distress call was made to the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service SOS hotline. The caller reported that a member of a multi-person hiking group had likely suffered a leg injury and was unable to stand on their feet. The hikers stated that they were near the Bakancsos Hut on the Börzsöny Blue Trail.

The mountain rescue service did not have deployable vehicles that could quickly reach the area (you can read more about it here: [link]), so they immediately notified the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department. The colleagues from Nagymaros promptly set out, and the mountain rescue service operator provided remote assistance with the terrain navigation to ensure that Nagymaros Fire Department reached the injured person by the shortest route and also maintained contact with the distress callers.

Just over an hour after the distress call, the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department's off-road vehicle reached the injured hiker. The Nagymaros colleagues splinted the injured leg and transported the hiker to Márianosztra by the off-road vehicle. From there, with the help of their companions, the injured hiker continued to their own vehicles for further medical care.

The injured hiker was well-equipped and experienced, with extensive hiking knowledge of the Börzsöny region. Accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of experience. The exemplary cooperation between the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department and the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service ensured that the injured hiker received prompt care.