We secured the Börzsöny Ring competition (2023.09.24.) - borzsonyring2023

The Börzsöny Ring, one of the largest cycling races in the Danube Bend, took place for the fifth time at the end of September. During the event, five hundred participants gathered in Szob, along the Danube, to tackle the nearly ninety-kilometer race course, which led through the stunning landscapes of the Börzsöny. Even the rainy Saturday morning did not deter the participants from embarking on this challenging race.

One of the standout segments of the race was the old "rocky road" between Királyrét and Nógrád, which could not be accessed by road vehicles. As a result, the organizers of the race took special measures to ensure the safety of the cyclists.

The safety of the racers was overseen jointly by the Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Association and the Börzsöny Special Rescue Association. In addition, four off-road vehicles and a quad equipped with an injury transport trailer assisted the rescue teams in their work. This specialized logistics allowed for an immediate response to potential injuries and health issues, ensuring that the racers received prompt assistance if needed.

The Börzsöny Ring is not just an exciting cycling race; it is also an event where the safety and health of the participants are of paramount importance. The collaboration between the organizers and the rescue teams made it possible for the participants to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Börzsöny with peace of mind, knowing that excellent medical care would be available if needed.

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