Satellite communication for mountain rescue teams (2023.10.04.) - cats75 telefon hatulrol

The beauty and rugged cliffs of the Börzsöny not only attract tourists and nature enthusiasts but also present challenges for mountain rescuers. Thanks to CAT Phones Hungary, the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service now has a valuable tool to enhance their efficiency: the Cat S75 rugged smartphone with two-way satellite messaging.

The rugged Cat S75 mobile phones received as a donation are a tremendous help to the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service. These devices are designed for conditions where other mobile phones cannot maintain a connection - for example, in areas with no cellular coverage.

In the remote and hard-to-reach parts of the Börzsöny, a lack of cellular signal has often posed serious difficulties during rescue operations. The Cat S75 smartphones offer a solution that helps mountain rescuers stay connected and coordinate rescue efforts even in secluded areas where communication is challenging.

Satellite communication for mountain rescue teams (2023.10.04.) - CATs75bullitt

The Cat S75 smartphones are capable of sending messages via satellite, not only to each other but also to anyone through a free application. In the absence of cellular coverage or the internet, the device connects to satellites and sends the message through the Bullitt Messenger application to any phone number. If the recipient already has the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app installed, the message will appear immediately in the app. However, if the recipient does not have the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app, they can receive the message via SMS. To reply, they would need to install the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. The app requires only internet for use, and as long as someone uses it with internet (and not satellite), it is entirely free.

This donation exemplifies how support from the community and companies is crucial for the effective operation of rescue services. The introduction of Cat S75 smartphones means that the Börzsöny mountain rescuers can stay connected and respond to emergency situations even in the most remote locations, ensuring the safety and well-being of those exploring the mountains.

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