Injured on the red cross trail (2023.10.08.) - 2023 10 08 nosztra2

One of the experienced cycling teams in the Börzsöny region informed the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service on Sunday morning that they had found an injured elderly lady on the Red Cross tourist trail in the area of Bezina Meadow. The mountain rescuers immediately set out for the scene with two off-road vehicles, while also getting in touch with the National Ambulance Service's unit in Szentendre.

The mountain rescuers and National Ambulance Service paramedics met in Márianosztra near Rabtemető, where a member of the cycling team came over to show them the way to the injured woman. The paramedics continued their journey with the mountain rescuers' off-road vehicles, with the cyclists providing a lead to the injured.

The injured person was an 79-year-old hiker who was hiking with her family on the Red Cross trail. However, she slipped on a slightly steeper section and broke her ankle. The paramedics provided first aid to the injured woman, and then the mountain rescuers used their off-road vehicles to transport everyone to the ambulance.

We would like to thank the cyclists for their quick response and the assistance they provided to the injured person, as well as the mountain rescuers. This is not the first time that the cyclists and hikers of Börzsöny have rapidly assisted each other, and with their information and guidance, they have also helped the mountain rescue team!

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