Mountain Rescue Open Day at the Green Forum (2023.10.14.) - 20231014kiralyret

Full-day free family programs filled the Green Festival organized by the Duna-Ipoly National Park on Saturday. The central location of the event was the Hiúz Ház Visitor Center of the national park, but the event extended to the entire Királyrét region. At Hiúz Ház, visitors were treated to an ant show, animal demonstrations, a craft fair, and a playhouse. The nature conservation guards organized guided tours to the Vár-hegy viewpoint, while the foresters of Ipoly-Erdő Zrt introduced visitors to the Szokolya-Huta educational trail.

On the Hiúz-Ház trail, stations awaited hikers, and one of these stations showcased the work of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service. Children could experience what it's like to be pulled across a "chasm" on a rope course, which in this case was above the stream bed 😊. They could play "doctor" with limb fixators and stethoscopes, and the brave ones even lay down on the rescue stretcher.

We met hundreds of visitors on this day, and it was truly gratifying to see sincere interest in our work and equipment, not only from children but also from adults. We had meaningful and interesting conversations with many hikers.

We hope to meet again at similar events in the future 😊.

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