Serious injury in Szokolya (2023.06.04.) - szokolya 20230604 baleset

On Sunday afternoon at five o'clock, a unit of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service discovered an injured person lying on the ground in the outskirts of Szokolya, just a few hundred meters away from the settlement towards Királyrét. Based on her injuries and position, the mountain rescuers suspected a hit-and-run accident and immediately began providing care and ensured the stabilization of the allegedly seriously injured woman until the National Ambulance Service arrived.

There were no direct witnesses on the scene who could provide information about the circumstances of the woman's injuries. The mountain rescuers notified the Pest County Police Headquarters and secured the scene and redirected traffic until the police patrol arrived.

The National Ambulance Service's emergency vehicle arrived quickly at the scene, and after providing medical care to the injured person, the mountain rescuers assisted in placing her on a stretcher. The Ambulance Service transported the injured woman to the hospital for further examination and treatment. The Police have started investigating the circumstances of the incident.

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