Injured cyclist on the OKT trail near Kisinóc (2023.07.07.) - kisinoc 20230707

The cyclist suffered various injuries while riding with his friends on the OKT trail from Nagy-hideg-hegy towards Kisinóc when he fell off his bicycle about one and a half kilometers away from Kisinóc. The middle-aged man was cycling with two of his friends in the Börzsöny Mountains when the accident happened. After the fall, one of his friends stayed by his side and began providing first aid, while the other friend set out to seek help.

Némethné Pintér Csilla, the mayor of Szokolya, notified the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service, and one of the members from Szokolya immediately set off in an off-road vehicle to the scene. Our colleague picked up one of the employees from the National Ambulance Service, who had arrived at the location, and successfully took them to the accident site. After providing on-site medical care, the Mountain Rescue Service transported both the injured person and the paramedic to the waiting ambulance at the parking lot.

The paramedics then transported the injured cyclist to the hospital in Vác for further examination and treatment. We congratulate the injured person's companions for their resourcefulness in organizing their friend's rescue!

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