Dangerous butterfly collection with an ankle injury (2023.07.08.) - lepke20230708

During a field exercise, the biology student from the University of Veterinary Medicine sprained or twisted his ankle. On Saturday late afternoon, they requested help from the on-duty members of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service at the Hiúz House. The group of biology students was conducting a field exercise in the Börzsöny Mountains, and while running after butterflies in a field, one of the students stepped into a hole or depression, resulting in an ankle injury.

The mountain rescuers examined the injured student and then notified the National Ambulance Service. Since the Hiúz House is accessible by road, there was no need for special measures from the mountain rescue service. They only assisted the personnel from the arriving ambulance in providing care to the injured student. The paramedics then transported the injured student to the hospital in Vác for further examination and treatment.

CORRECTION on July 10, 2023: Earlier, we mistakenly mentioned a veterinary student instead of a biology student from the University of Veterinary Medicine. We have corrected the error in the article.

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