Night running in the Börzsöny Mountains (2023.07.16.) - ultralupa 2023

A unit of the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service team ensured the safety of the Börzsöny section of the Burger King Ultra Lupa lake trail running race. The 130-kilometer night race passed through a shorter segment in the Börzsöny Mountains. The runners turned off the asphalt road at Kóspallag and ran on the green-marked hiking trail in complete darkness until reaching Királyrét. From there, they followed the red-marked trail to Szokolya and further to Verőce.

Two mountain rescue units were stationed at the Királyréti refreshment point to be on standby in case they needed to rescue any distressed runners from the Börzsöny trails. Fortunately, there was no need for rescue, and the mountain rescuers only had to treat minor skin injuries for three runners who stopped at Királyrét for a quick bandaging before continuing their run.

The atmosphere at Királyrét that night was fantastic as the area around the buffet filled with life, excitement, and support from both the runners and spectators.

Night running in the Börzsöny Mountains (2023.07.16.) - 20230715 kidolt fa verseny

Prior to the race, the mountain rescuers inspected the course, and on multiple occasions, they had to intervene due to the stormy weather in the days leading up to the race, which knocked down several trees. Right at the beginning of the Királyréti section, at the start of the red-marked trail towards Szén-patak, a tree had fallen onto the bridge. The mountain rescuers used a chainsaw to remove it, and they also had to clear fallen trees and large branches that had snapped off at several locations along the red-marked trail.

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