Ankle injury at Godóvár (2023.07.27.) - godovar terkep

On Thursday evening, the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service received an emergency call on their SOS hotline, reporting that a lady had suffered a severe ankle injury at the altitude of Godóvár. Two members of the mountain rescue service immediately headed towards Kemence while the service operator on the phone clarified the coordinates.

Upon arriving at the scene, the progress of the rescuers was hindered by large tilted branches, making it impossible to reach the injured person entirely by off-road vehicle. They continued on foot while alerting the Kemence volunteers to assist in bringing down the injured person in the steep terrain.

The mountain rescuers and the volunteers successfully brought the injured lady to the crossroads near Kemence Youth Camp, where the National Ambulance Service's emergency vehicle was waiting for them. The injured person was then transported to the hospital in Vác for further medical care.

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