We received a donation of tyres (2023.10.20.) - gumi 20231020 135930

A wonderful thing happened to us today – instead of the old worn-out tires, brand new top-notch off-road tires were fitted to our worn Terrano 😊 Of course, we wouldn't have been able to afford this ourselves, but Strauszgumi was so kind and supported us with a complete set of off-road tires. This brings us great joy because the condition of the old tires was no longer reassuring, and with the approach of autumn, we were increasingly concerned about them.

This is a fantastic donation for us since high-quality tires are essential for rescues. With these, we can travel as safely as possible on the asphalt roads around the Börzsöny settlements and within the Börzsöny itself.

We would like to express our gratitude to Gergely Strausz, the CEO of Strauszgumi, for his kindness and selflessness in supporting our association with such a generous donation.