Attention (2023.12.01.) - bsm winter fb

On Saturday morning, another mixed precipitation field will move over the Börzsöny, with the possibility of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The soil in the Börzsöny is extremely saturated, making the terrain difficult to traverse in thick and soaked slushy snow, which may freeze again on Saturday and Sunday in the High Börzsöny. In the lower levels, there is thick wet snow, and beneath it, mud or ice.

From around 17-18 o'clock on Saturday until Sunday morning/noon, some parts of the Börzsöny may experience strong wind gusts reaching speeds of 80-90 km/h. The strong wind and saturated soil may lead to the falling of trees.

Due to the sustained freezing rain on Thursday night and despite the slow thaw on Friday, branches and limb breaks may hinder the accessibility of hiking trails.

The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service advises hikers in the Börzsöny region to plan their hikes according to the challenging terrain. Additionally, before Sunday hikes, they should check the weather conditions in the specific area. Windstorms may be more pronounced in some parts of the Börzsöny while less noticeable in others.

Regardless of the weather, it is essential to remind all hikers not to embark on a winter hike too late and unprepared (wearing city clothing) to popular Börzsöny hiking spots just to admire the snow. Nagy-Hideg mountain and Csóványos are not places where you can casually walk up with the kids after lunch without preparing for a night hike. In most parts of the Börzsöny, winter hiking requires preparation, with suitable clothing and equipment. BOOTS, APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, WATER, FOOD, SUGAR, HEADLAMP, MAP (if using a phone, ensure it's offline!) should always be considered basic equipment, and in winter, SNOWSHOES and INSULATION FOIL are crucial.

In winter, progress is slower, darkness sets in earlier, and the weather is more extreme. Proper hydration is equally important, and several factors should be taken into account. Please read our detailed WINTER HIKING TIPS.

This warning is based on preliminary information from László Nagy, an employee of Ipoly Erdő Zrt. and the editor-in-chief of Erdészeti Lapok.